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How to Make a Pledge Online

  • Check to see if your charity has a 501(c)3 ruling by going to Guidestar

How to make an e-pledge:

 New Donor Step by Step Pledge Instructions

 1.       Click on the Pledge Now button.

2.       The user ID is the PeopleSoft number provided by the State including the 10000 but no letters.

3.       The password for the first login will be Welcome!  It will prompt to change the password.

4.       After logging in, the first screen will be Commissioner Krupp’s campaign welcome letter. At the top will be menu options: Home, Give Now, My Gift History, My Profile, How Are We Doing?, Agency Search and Log Off.

5.       When an employee donor clicks on the option Give Now it will advance to a screen giving the option for Payroll Deduction, Credit Card, and I do not wish to make a pledge this year.

6.       For payroll deduction, select that option and click NEXT.

7.       The next screen, shows that the payroll deductions will start in January of the next year. It will also show how many pay periods per pear there are, which will always be 26, click NEXT.

8.       New donors should scroll down to the section under CHARITIES THAT ALREADY HAVE AN SECC CODE.

9.       On the Keyword line, enter at least part of the name of the charity to search for. To see the complete list of charities, enter the % sign and click on Search.

10.   Using the search criteria that the donor has entered, charities will show up as results.

11.   If one of the agencies that are listed is the correct agency, then the donor should click the plus(+) sign.

12.   After clicking the + sign, the selected charity will appear in the section above the Keyword line. In the amount column, enter the selected payroll deduction per pay period to be allocated to that charity. The upper section of this screen, will show the total pledge as it is entered. If the charity is not on the list at the bottom of that screen, the donor should click on WRITE IN. e-Pledge will then go to another screen where selected amount, name of the charity, and the charity’s address must be entered. Make sure that the chosen charity is on and is a valid agency.

13.   Once the charities have been selected and amounts have been allocated click ADD. If ADD is clicked but the gift/s haven’t been fully designated, e-Pledge will give a message requiring the missing information.

14.   The next screen is the Verification screen. Selecting the option Acknowledge My Pledge, ensures an acknowledgement from the charity/charities that receives the donation/s should that be their policy. Selecting Send me an e-mail confirmation of this pledge, and an email will be sent confirming the pledge. If the option allowing charities to send letters is selected, the box allowing the release of address must also be selected. Multiple choices can be checked.

15.   The next screen will be to review the pledge and confirm it. If everything is correct click CONFIRM. If changes are needed, click PREVIOUS to go back to previous screens. If CANCEL is checked e-pledge will exit without a pledge being recorded.

16.   Credit card payments are an option. If that option is checked the secured payment screen will ask for the appropriate payment information.

 Existing Donor Step by Step Instructions

1.       Once logged in click on My Gift History

2.       Click on the black pencil on the 2018 Campaign Year pledge (when you hover on it, it says designations)

3.       Click on the clipboard for your 2018 Employee payroll (when you hover over it, it says details)

4.       Click on the UPDATE button

5.       Click NEXT

6.       Scroll down to the name of the charity

7.       From here you can change the amount you want to have deducted or you can click on the red x to delete

8.       You can also add charities by doing a keyword search then clicking on the + sign.

9.       You can also complete a WRITE IN pledge

10.   Once completed click NEXT

11.   Complete the information page, only email is required if it’s not there already

12.   Click NEXT make sure everything is complete and correct then click confirm

13.   This will update the payroll deductions beginning 1/1/19