Facts About Last Year’s SECC

  • The 2016/2017 State Employees’ Community Campaign (SECC) raised $1,470,373 which benefited more than 1,600 charitable organizations.
  • More than 6,100 employees participated in the SECC. The per capita contribution was $43.51.
  • The success of the 2016/2017 SECC was assured by the 1,778 men and women who made a Champion-level contribution (a half-hour's pay per pay period). They contributed $955,280, more than half of the total raised through the 2016/2017 SECC.
  • Recognition is given to those state agencies where 20% or more of its donors make a contribution at the Champion-level of giving. Last year, 75 state agencies were recognized with the Champion Award, which is more than half of the state agencies.
  • Leadership Giving: In the SECC just completed, a significant number of state employees made a Torchbearer Society-level contribution ($1,000 or more). In the 2016/2017 SECC, 214 state employees were members of the Torchbearer Society, contributing more than $390,481, nearly 27% of the total raised.
  • Over nearly 40 years, state employees have raised more than $32 million for 1,600nonprofit charitable organizations helping thousands of people and pets who otherwise might not have received the help they needed.