Indiana State Employees' Community Campaign (SECC)


Congratulations! the 2018-2019 campaign exceeded goal bringing in $1.54 million, you contribution will help strengthen communities across the state of indiana.

On behalf of your 2018-20019 Chair, Commissioner Adam Krupp, thank you!!!


Please allow 48-72 hours RESPONSE TIME TO YOUR REQUESTS. Thank you.

Information for Charitable Organizations


The State Employees’ Community Campaign is the annual charity campaign administered by state employees. The SECC allows state employees to contribute to any charity that has a 501 (c)(3) ruling through either a one-time contribution or the convenience of payroll deductions.

Over the past 40 years, state employees have contributed $32 million to charities of their choice. Last year, more than 6,100 employees contributed to 1,600 charities through the SECC and raised more than $1,400,000.

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